7 reasons for your eco-holidays at BaskoParadis

The beginning of our ecological life

Since the opening of the so-called German health food shops in the 1950s, your host's (Natascha's) German grandmother became a regular customer there. The chocolate-covered puffed rice from Mrs. Rupp and the delicious forest honey are unforgotten. Thus Natascha was introduced to healthy, organic food from an early age.

German ecological awareness awoke about 20 years earlier than in France and so we grew up with returnable glass bottles and waste separation. When we arrived in France, we wanted to continue in this direction.

    1. Ecological housing at BaskoParadis

When building our dream house, designed by your host Bodo (an architect by profession) and which houses our Eco-Gites "Mondarrain" and "Baigura", we chose walls made of clay stone because of its good insulating properties and ecological impact.

Natasha's parents, who have breathed new life into an old 17th century Basque farmhouse that houses the "Artzamendi" and "Ursuya" eco-holiday apartments, have also opted for sustainable materials in harmony with the environment and low environmental impact.

Both buildings use geothermal energy for heating and hot water by heat pump. A heavy investment and a technology not always easy to manage, but the heat is very pleasant and it was a choice made out of conviction.

Since 2023, we have been relying on solar energy through a photovoltaic installation on our two roofs, thus reinforcing our commitment to environmental protection.

We use German and Swedish eco-colours with very low emissions.

All shutters on our windows and patio doors, as well as all other woodwork, are made of sustainably managed wood. Our double-glazed windows are made of wood on the inside, which matches our interior, and aluminium on the outside, a material well suited to our intense and varied climate.

We repair and maintain all our appliances and furniture if possible to avoid replacement. When buying, we look for quality and do a lot of research before making a purchase decision.

Instead of installing an electrically powered ventilation system, we opted for natural ventilation by installing many windows. All our bathrooms have windows for optimal ventilation, and we are lucky to have lime-free spring water in Louhossoa - a real luxury.

Our houses were plastered with lime plaster, just as our ancestors did.

    2. Heavenly sleep at BaskoParadis

Our holiday guests sleep in organic bed linen, which we clean with organic washing powder and air dry. At BaskoParadis you will not find a tumble dryer.

    3. And what about cleaning?

Cleanliness for us and our guests is very important to us. However, we only use few biological cleaning products and prefer muscle power to questionable chemical substances. In addition, our septic tank does not tolerate aggressive products, which has made us realise that the sewage system should not be regarded as a rubbish bin.

    4. Waste separation and recycling

We take waste separation and recycling very seriously and encourage our guests to do the same. We have a compost and our donkeys are happy to receive our guest’s green waste.

    5. Gardening

Our huge garden, which we tend with passion and joy, is free of chemicals (fertilisers and pesticides) and enjoys perfect natural health and beauty. You will have the pleasure of seeing and hearing a large number of birds, and in the warmer months the air hums with insects.

    6. Organic and regional food

We cook mainly with local and organic products. Natasha loves going to the weekly market in Cambo-les-Bains, where she finds her food and local products from the region, grown and produced in a sustainable way. And the pleasure of chatting with stall holders.

She offers her guests organic food such as honey from Cambo-les-Bains, Espelette chili pepper from permaculture and home-made organic products (an excellent mustard, hummus and aubergine dip).

    7. Helping our guests to buy organic

The travel guide we have compiled for our guests includes a chapter with good addresses for ecological and sustainable consumption in the region.


We do not pretend to be perfect environmentalists. Each of us goes his or her own way according to our convictions. Natascha has not eaten meat for several years and uses only natural and certified cosmetics and beauty products. When she goes for a walk, she often picks up the rubbish she finds by the wayside. We drive an electric car. We try to reduce our packaging. We no longer buy bottled water. We don't heat our houses too much. But we still have a long way to go.

You want to have a nice holiday and not lose sight of the environment? Then the BaskoParadis is the right destination for you!